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How to host a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference

A 4/14 Family Challenge Conference is different than most family, marriage, or parenting conferences that happen in churches. This conference features local speakers from ministries, counseling centers, and churches that can have an ongoing relationship with families that attend.

Instead of a flashy event featuring outside guests, the 4/14 Family Challenge emphasizes resources that parents can use over and over again. That's not to say that an outside speaker is out of bounds, but to recognize a matter of emphasis and ongoing relationship between parents and support tools that they might use over time.

A 4/14 Family Challenge Conference might happen in a town or area every year or even twice a year with the goal of ongoing support for marriages and families and regular input to help them do the difficult job of raising children.

Although a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference will look different in each town or location, there are a few essentials that provide a similar feel. That way when a person attends a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference in one city, they can tell a friend who lives in another city what she might expect. Here are the things that draw various 4/14 Family Challenge Conferences together.

If you’re interested in becoming part of this movement by hosting this kind of conference in your area, we ask you to do the following things:

1) Use the terms “4/14 Family Challenge” in the title of your Conference. For example, it might be the “Atlanta 4/14 Family Challenge Conference” or the South Atlanta 4/14 Family Challenge Conference.” This not only increases the brand recognition but it also identifies the conference with the broader 4/14 Movement.

2) Involve several churches in the process. Although the event may be held at one church, make it clear to people that this conference takes advantage of the larger Christian Community.

3) Please read and agree to the Biblical Foundations paper provided by the Family Challenge Leadership. There are many differing opinions of what the family is today. This conference will look different in various cities but it has the integrity of a biblical foundation.

4) Notify the North American Family Challenge Team of your conference. Although it is not their desire to control the conferences, they do desire to promote them and encourage accountability to biblical integrity.

5) Hand out the one page fact sheet on the 4/14 Family Challenge to those who attend the conference to connect them with the broader 4/14 Family Challenge in North America and around the world.

6) Although not required, it would be nice if at some point in the conference you would pray for families around the world, especially those who are facing poverty, the orphan challenge, and human rights violations.

If you would like step-by-step suggestions and guidance for organizing, planning, and running a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference, please send an email to for the latest draft of a guidebook for organizing your conference.