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Host a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference

A 4/14 Family Challenge Conference is different than most family, marriage, or parenting conferences that happen in churches. This conference features local speakers from ministries, counseling centers, and churches that can have an ongoing relationship with families that attend.

What makes a 4/14 Family Challenge Conference Unique?

1) The 4/14 Window movement believes that the primary God-given responsibility to pass the faith on to children is the home with the church as the support. Furthermore, although there are many practical solutions to help families today, the ultimate solution for family transformation is the saving work of Jesus Christ applied to family life.

2) 4/14 Family Challenge Conferences are local, primarily using speakers from that community and providing resources that will enable families to have ongoing support and encouragement.

3) The 4/14 Window Movement is a grass roots movement with hundreds of conferences taking place all over the world. This conference ties in with a global work taking place internationally, recognizing the importance of strengthening the family as an important step toward societal transformation.

4) 4/14 Family Challenge Conferences are locally led and build traction over time as they are repeated over and over in a community, continuing to build into the families with ongoing ministry and tools.

Instead of relying on experts from out of town, 4/14 Family Challenge Conferences look to network local ministries and churches with families. These conferences are viewed as part of a process, not just an event.

Learn how you can host a 4/14 Family Conference in your community.