Welcome to the 40-Day Family Adventure, a journey designed to strengthen the spiritual nurture within your home. I’m Dr. Scott Turansky and I’m honored to be your guide on this incredible experience that will not only deepen your family’s faith but also create lasting memories.

There’s no greater mission field than your own family. Passing the faith onto the next generation is imperative and it starts in your own home! Children need to understand how to apply the faith to their lives now and who better to teach and model this for them than their parents.

Why This Family Adventure?

At the heart of this adventure lies the understanding that families are the cornerstone of spiritual growth for children. Your home is a sacred discipleship center, entrusted by God for passing down faith to the next generation. Through intentional spiritual training, you have the power to ignite the flame of faith within your children, equipping them to navigate life’s challenges with a strong foundation.

Parents pass the faith on to their kids no matter what that faith is. If it’s an unnoticeable faith, one that isn’t demonstrated at home, then that’s the faith they’re teaching their children. Kids learn at home how to put faith in action. They learn how to deal with conviction, ways to experience grace, love, and forgiveness, and how to persevere in the small things of life.

You can use this adventure at any time during the year. Some choose to do it over the summer, while others try to engage their families during a time that embraces Christmas or Easter. Although there’s a benefit to going on an adventure with other families, you should not let that stop you from striking out on your own and experience spiritual growth with your children.

We’ve added a unique component to our curriculum that involves leadership from your kids. The challenge in your home is to get the kids asking the questions. You might purchase or have your child create a special journal for this activity and put each question in an envelope with a date attached. Sometimes grandparents get involved and give or mail a question a week to the young person and ask for a written report. Be creative and make the adventure fun for your family. You’ll learn more about the questions children and young people can answer as you start Week 1.

Why 40 Days?

This journey spans 40 days, a timeframe both manageable and significant. The number 40 holds spiritual significance throughout the Bible, embodying periods of testing, preparation, and renewal. Instances like Noah’s Flood, Moses on Mount Sinai, Israel’s wanderings, Elijah’s journey, Jesus’ temptation, and his post-resurrection appearances all involve 40-day periods that symbolize cleansing, covenant, humbling, and transformation.

This numerical motif underscores pivotal moments: cleansing the earth, forging the covenant, preparing leaders, and testing faith. It’s a reminder of God’s involvement in human affairs and His ability to shape destinies through journeys of trial and growth. In each story, the number 40 is used to prepare people for life and deepen their faith. The 40-Day Family Adventure empowers you to impact spiritual growth in your family today.

This adventure doesn’t just tell you as parents to teach your children spiritually, but we show you how. The interaction between you and your children generated through the 40-Day Family Adventure builds spiritual dynamics in family life that can have a lasting impact.

The 40-Day Family Adventure is designed to facilitate three things in family life:

  1. Building relationship
  2. Sharing scripture
  3. Practicing faith.

We’re inviting you to set aside 20-30 minutes each week for a “Family Time” to begin to work on these goals.

Many young people today grow up to be successful in the world’s eyes but are unhappy, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied inside. Instead of drawing on the spiritual resources they could have learned growing up, they rely on substances, wealth, or power to try to meet those inner needs. Their own families then experience tremendous pressure and a negative intergenerational cycle develops.

God has a better way. When parents pass the faith on to their children, kids learn what living for God looks like in practical ways. They experience God’s grace on a daily basis and understand the peace that God provides. Success has more to do with right relationship with God instead of accomplishments or the approval of others.

Getting the Kids Involved

One of the unique and essential pieces of the 40-Day Family Adventure is the focus on young people themselves. Children and young people catch a vision for actively participating in their own spiritual growth instead of relying on parents, teachers, or church leaders to take initiative.

When you look at Joshua 4:6 and 21, and Deuteronomy 6:20, it’s clear that the transmission of faith stories happens when kids ask questions of their parents.

Joshua 4: 5-7 says this,
Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.

Young people today have a job to do. They must understand how life works, how God designed the world and must get to know the creator in personal ways. That’s one of their primary tasks in life. Parents don’t have all the answers, but they’re growing too and when kids ask their parents questions, everyone experiences the benefit. Even incomplete answers provide parents and children with thought provoking ideas to consider.

By empowering young people to take spiritual initiative in the family, they apply their youthful energy to spiritual growth in new ways. Asking six questions is only the beginning, because the process creates a culture where kids are interested in the faith and how to apply it in the most personal areas of life.

Join us on this 40-day adventure, where faith is nurtured, relationships flourish, and hearts are forever transformed. The journey begins now.